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Image that we surpass Yoshio Yoshimura transcendence art

Across Yoshio Yoshimura transcendence art

Session: November 23, 2018 Friday (holiday) - Sunday, January 20, 2019

Is it transcendence art? We cannot explain in such a simple words. Newspaper - - which wire netting drawn for 17 meters endlessly, 365 pieces of self-portraits which we continued describing in every day for one year, one character one character copied all. While all transcendence is real, work which Yoshio Yoshimura (1950-2013) produced lets you feel threatening language to stun beholder. Book exhibition conveys the total picture of Yoshimura by display more than 600 points including self-portrait which we continued describing in retrospective show becoming first among Tokyo through print and drawing by early monotone, work, life of colorful flower in the latter period. Please only witness many sincere works questioning describing that it is not only good painting, meaning of living with the by all means eyes.

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