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Current Loan Object Exhibition

Image of Kazan Yokoyama

Kazan Yokoyama

Session: From Saturday, September 22, 2018 to Sunday, November 11

Though it was once famous, there is illustrator who has been forgotten. Kazan Yokoyama (1781/4-1837) is popular illustrator who played an active part in Kyoto where is in the latter half of the Edo era. After devoting itself to Soga Shohaku, and having become a disciple of Ganku, Huashan that did shi* to Goshun, and opened width of picture wore the law of painting of many schools and handled writing brush in motif of work at will in total. Book exhibition is the first retrospective show to introduce various painting of Huashan to systematically. We dig up the total picture of Huashan by approximately 100 points of display during session including work of Soga Shohaku and pupils and allot light for the charm. Work which passed abroad including Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the British Museum returns.

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